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Christmas thoughts


It’s twenty days till Christmas. I don’t mind bragging, but I am done with my Chrismas shopping and have been since the first week of November. I haven’t wrapped a blasted thing, but I am on the right track. The other day, I was at church. I used to sing in the choir. Sunday was the first day of Advent. Sitting in church, and listening to homily and I really do try and listen. Our Priest is from Africa and he has a thick accent, so you really do have to be quiet and listen as he speaks The homily was about Advent Season, of course, and how it is the season to love and give. Not take and recieve. It is also the time to change. Change your thinking. Change how you are living. Change what you believe. Change what you take for granted as what is a part of this world that we are living in.
“Change what needs to be changed, accept what should not be changed, and accept the changes that are to come.”
My world is changing constantly. My ideas are changing at a rapid speed. I am not the kind of girl who goes fast, even though my brain works at a warp speed at times, and other times it refuses to move at all. I jump all over and my brother, bless his heart, becomes very aggravated and ask if I am listening to him at all, because as he is on one subject and my brain is already leaping to another subject even though my ears are listening to him.
Such this was on Sunday as I was listenng to Father give homily. I was listening to him and remembering what it was like to be in the choir and a part of me wishes I was singing again. I loved singing at Christmastime and performing in other churches in the valley with other choirs. Then preparing to sing at Midnight mass. I remember the songs by heart as the choir breaks out all of the Christmas music now that it’s Advent season. However, the time came to change things in my life and I decided that I no longer can be a part of the choir.
Christmas is around the corner, I am in the middle of school stuff, and from time to time, I wish I was a kid again living at home and my biggest worry was what I was going to wear to school.
This month is rapidly moving along. Soon it will be time to go home for Christmas. Then soon, I will have to decide what changes I need to make for the New Year. “Change what need to be changed, accept what should not be changed, and accept the changes that are to come.


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